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Lakitu’s Dev Cartridge emerges as the answer of two personal needs:  to share the development of a few games I’m working on, and to write about game design from a very tight mathematic perspective.

See, game design as a field of research has just born even when videogames are 40 years old, and games in general are as old as the mankind itself. So this blog is an sketchbook of research topics I want to do mixing math, art, and the little we know about game design. As sketchbook, it wont be attached to a particular dinamic, you will see here reviews about independent and AAA games, events and whatever is related to videogames and computer graphics in general (but not limited to it).

Hope you enjoy this blog.

Who the..

My name is Julián Rojas Millán, 30 years old. I’m from Caracas, Venezuela.

I’m a mathematician from Universidad Central de Venezuela, working as a Maya/Unity technical director in a 3D visualization company in the oil field, looking forward to continue my studies and to improve my skills.  I’m interested on topics related to, rigging, skinning, scripting, character engineering, real time algorimths for videogames (rendering and fluid simulation are my real interest), industrial geometry and game design.

You can check my Vimeo, CGSociety portfolios and my LinkedIn. I’m available for frelance as a 3D generalist focusing on rigging, inorganic look developing (from concepting, modeling, texturing and rigging) and Unity generalist.

Julián Rojas Millán


You can write me to rojasmillan.julian@gmail.com. You can also check my Twitter or my Tumblr, where I share a lot of things related to art, animation, music, movies, TV shows, webcomics, videogames, and football (soccer). (I must say that my Twitter account is mostly in spanish). My Ask,me is also available for you to write me.

I don’t know why I’m sharing them, but here here are my Last.fm, my YouTube Channel, my Instagram and my 8tracks.

Why I’m writing in english? to improve it and to reach the wider audience possible. Due the experimental nature of this blog I think english is the best option to write it. Sometimes, I will traslate to spanish certain posts if I feel I need to. In other cases, I will post specific articles in spaish related to the game developing local scene.

Feel free to comment, critic and write me whatever you want.



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