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Some Game Crowdfunding Here…


…where you can help!

Pretty busy right now, fighting with a lot of personal issues and trying to keep the strenghts needed for my personal projects. However, while I find time to write again, you can totally help this guys from my country (Venezuela)  to crowdfund their game My Neighbor The Zombie . See the video for more:

I’m not particularly in love with the way they are selling the title, but I do think their idea is somehow original, or at least different from what I’ve seen before. The project combines 3 different layers of gameplay, zombies, there is some environmental message in the mixture and the girl in the video is hot. That’s good enough for me.

Check out the video, visit their Indiegogo page. Contribute if you think they deserve it.

I totally think they do.


Games of my Childhood


Because some nostalgia has to be drained.

This post is a visceral as I possibly can exercise: I asked myself what games left a mark on me when I was a child or adolescent, and the ones that came the fastest to my mind made it to this list.

As a visceral exercise, there wasn’t a finishing condition for making this list other than a time constraint. I set up a time to write this post and when the time was up, the entry was published.  That’s why no further details or comments about the games are given (besides the link to the correspondent Wikipedia entry). There will be time for that.

The results even surprised me in a bunch of cases.

The thing is, in some point I asked myself what videogames influenced me the most, and that question went down to what I’ve played when I was a kid in not a few number of cases. Even though I recognize now some of those games are bad designed, the mark is there, imprinted on my psyche.

This is the first step into an introspective process to study my own influences in the deepest way possible.

Some games, like Half-Life (one of my biggest influence of all), didn’t make it to this list. That’s interesting. That game was released when I was young, certainly, but I didn’t played until almost 5 years later. So, it doesn’t count. A bunch of games are in similar circunstances. Other games were so ubiquitous that it wasn’t big news to include them (except one or two titles, maybe).

There are no dark references here. Everything listed were, let say, mainstream and well known back then, and some examples are popular even today; don’t continue reading if you are looking for unknown, obscure, lost titles or extremely hardcore gamer choices.

These games are the reason why I think what I think about games, game design and society as a whole view from a game design perspective.

For better or worst, these games made me what I am.

They deserve this humble tribute:


Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm: Reviews


Lazyness is such a beautiful thing.

Following the footsteps of my last entry, I’m just copying a couple of reviews I did previously in my Tumblr and putting them in here. The Crysis 2 review is this one, and the Bulletstorm one is in here (originally in spanish). No big deal, a few comments about those game I think are worth to save in this blog.

Crysis 2

So finally, after a few obstacles with the hardware towards the end of the game, I finished Crysis 2 (Crytek, 2011).

I think that isn’t a good sign when the owner of the company is featured in the opening credits of a game. And founder, president and Crytek CEO’s name, Cevat Yerli, is shown very big in the beginning of this game. And it wasn’t a good sign.

Don’t get me wrong, Crysis 2 is a good game, one of the best AAA game released this year so far. It’s a fluid, entertaining and graphically wonderful FPS. It will be highly hypocrite of me not to reccomend it.

What goes wrong with this game are the details, where the cinematic experience was putted above the game experience, even though Crysis 2 isn’t as much as cinematic as other games in the genre or outside of it.


Portal 2: Review


Because I was lazy enough for not to do a new one.

This review was first published in my Tumblr, and as you can see there, the idea was to write a deeper one for this blog. And then I realized I will talk a lot about Portal and Portal 2 in the future, getting into details of each games, so I just copied the entry here like some sort of introduction. If you haven’t read it already, hope you enjoy it.

…how have you been?

It’s almost impossible, no matter how hard you try, to get impressed by Portal 2 (Valve Software, 2011)  in the same way the original game did. Even if you didn’t play Portal, internet probably gave you a big glipmse of what the game is about (and maybe a big slice of cake as well). With that in mind, there are two possible options to overcome that situation: to make a completely different game or create a more diverse one on the ground already settled. Neither one of those is the right answer, more over, the simplest one.

If you check Wiki you will see that the development team actually planned to drop the original portals mechanic, but nobody liked that idea (fortunately for us). That is, the first option I listed was considered. After that, starting from scracht, the team sketched and tested a new bunch of elements in order to diversify the game mechanic, creating alongside that a new storyline, a new art direction and developing the new co-op mode.

They did it well. They did it great. Actually, they did it awesome!.


Some (kinda) random thoughts about the E3 2011


I wasn’t there but I’m gonna write shit about it anyway.

I need to say here that I was as excited as much as you watching the conferences in the E3. Since they become available to the general public a few years ago, those conferences are good way to measure how much the people in the game industry is wrong. Seriously. But the most surprising thing is that we as public, costumers, designers and human beings in general are giving them all the chances not only to get profit of the videogame media (which is good because I want to get profit out of videogames) but to assume that they can profit effortless.