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One Game a Month Challenge February: Recon Tabletop Game


Recon Tabletop Game.

A little late, but as I said in the last post, a lot happened to me and the country I live in.

One of those things that had a lot of work these months is Dark Recon. I’ve been very low profile about it, but the truth is that Dark Recon suffered a transformation for the good, and I’m very excited. Of course I will update this blog with all the information regarding design and development of the game, but for now you can check Christian’s blog (remember that Christian is one the programmers in my team): Bonus Disc. There is a few post dedicated to Dark Recon and game design/dev in general worth reading.




One Game a Month Challenge January: Cóndor



So, in case you don’t remeber, I signed up for the One Game Month Challenge, and this is the first entry.

I don’t want to talk too much about the game, I just want to drop it here and make a few comments on it later on.


You can download it from the challenge’s webpage.

I’m having problems uploading the file to my profile in the site, so for now the link redirects to Jorge’s profile. He made the game with me.