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One Game a Month Challenge March: Tele



I’m quite busy this days, but I’m working hard to accomplish a lot of goals I set to myself this year.

Not and easy task, it isn’t uncommon to doubt about every single one of them, but here I am.

This game was conceived after a conversation I had with Ciro Durán, and after that he made the game. I’m very glad he enjoyed the chat and took my word on this subject.

So, I’m credited as a designer.

As well as Cóndor, Tele is a newsgame, a game genre I have a post about, but didn’t publish because I haven’t put my shit together.

I own the blog a lot of things, but fortunately, this abandonment is due other things moving forward.

Well, you can click the image to enjoy the game, and click here if you want the original post by Ciro.