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Coursera Gamification Course


Some seriousness here.

I enrolled in this course as soon as it was announced, but I was very skeptical.

First of all, if you haven’t heard about Coursera, it’s an online and free initiative to bring closer advanced knowledge in a broad range of specialized fields, from the experts in such matters. Just ckeck it out, I think it’s awesome.

Few months back they opened registration to the Gamification course by Kevin Werbach, and I’m interested in those kinds of things; actually, I’m involved in two gamification projects that I will talk about when they are finished. The point is, the subject is so new and it’s spreading in so many ways so fast that is taking a lot of wrong approachs from a implementation point of view, and also from a ethical one.

So, as I said, I enrolled and waited until it started to make up my mind. Now that I watched the introductory chapters I can recommend the course. I didn’t exactly learn anything new so far (those were introductions videos anyway) but I share most of the points of view of the instructor. I know it sounds ugly, to say that I recommend something just because is aligned to my point of view, but I think in this case is important because of the novelty of the matter to have a point of view both theoretically and ethically.

If you are interested, the course has just started. The first assignment (yup, there is homework) is due september 9, you totally have a chance to get on track. And of course, if you complete all the assignments a digital certificate is given to you, and believe me, Coursera is getting very serious so, that certificate has value to it. Keep in mind that completing the assigments requires some effort, and so watching the videos. You have to take seriously the time you are spending here, it’s not easy to complete them, is exactly like taking a course in any university. You have the chance to just watch the videos, without completing any assignment, of course, no certificate in this case.

I will be hanging in the course’s forum, I already completed the first assignment and it is enrinching little by little my knowledge in the matter. I encourage you to check it out.