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Global Game Jam 2013 comienza su recorrido


Qué título tan cliché.

El Global Game Jam 2013 empieza sus preparativos camino al evento del 25 al 27 de enero del 2013.

Si no sabes de qué va un Game Jam, lee acá.

Como ya es tradición desde que se lleva a cabo el Global Game Jam, Caracas estará presente el próximo año, pero las cosas han cambiado un poco. Para comenzar , la sede no será una universidad como en oportunidades anteriores, para la venidera edición del Caracas Game Jam contaremos con el apoyo de la gente de ACCEDE y sus espacios en Macaracuay. También estaremos trabajando en profundizar las alianzas logradas para el pasado Game Jam y crear nuevas.

Pueden leer la entrada de bienvenida al evento en el blog de @chiguire. Me uno a su llamado a conformar nuevas sedes alrededor de Venezuela. Más información al respecto en la mencionada entrada.

El trabajo duro recién comienza, y tenemos bastante que hacer hasta la fecha del evento.

Si te interesa el desarrollo de juegos pero no sabes cómo comenzar, mantente al tanto del Game Jam para que comiences de la mejor forma.

Un poco de música para finalizar la entrada.


Dark Recon: Super Bloque


Amazingly, the development of this game is ongoing.

There is a lot going on with Dark Recon, and I’m glad for that. I can tell that the development process is on schedule even when is quite slow. Our main goal of shiping a balanced demo by december is more achievable than ever, at least view from what we have at this moment. We started in january with that goal in mind, and the odds are in our favor.

Our team has official name: La Vaca Mariposa Digital Ensemble (LAVAMADE), it’s something like The Butterfly Cow (check out the end of this post for more) and also we created an official Twitter account, and the website is on the way.

This time I want to share something Christian Chomiak write for you guys. As you may recall, Chomiak is one of the developers who’s helping me in this game. I asked him to briefly explain how things got together in Dark Recon so far. Following, the text.


Some Game Crowdfunding Here…


…where you can help!

Pretty busy right now, fighting with a lot of personal issues and trying to keep the strenghts needed for my personal projects. However, while I find time to write again, you can totally help this guys from my country (Venezuela)  to crowdfund their game My Neighbor The Zombie . See the video for more:

I’m not particularly in love with the way they are selling the title, but I do think their idea is somehow original, or at least different from what I’ve seen before. The project combines 3 different layers of gameplay, zombies, there is some environmental message in the mixture and the girl in the video is hot. That’s good enough for me.

Check out the video, visit their Indiegogo page. Contribute if you think they deserve it.

I totally think they do.