Games of my Childhood

Because some nostalgia has to be drained.

This post is a visceral as I possibly can exercise: I asked myself what games left a mark on me when I was a child or adolescent, and the ones that came the fastest to my mind made it to this list.

As a visceral exercise, there wasn’t a finishing condition for making this list other than a time constraint. I set up a time to write this post and when the time was up, the entry was published.  That’s why no further details or comments about the games are given (besides the link to the correspondent Wikipedia entry). There will be time for that.

The results even surprised me in a bunch of cases.

The thing is, in some point I asked myself what videogames influenced me the most, and that question went down to what I’ve played when I was a kid in not a few number of cases. Even though I recognize now some of those games are bad designed, the mark is there, imprinted on my psyche.

This is the first step into an introspective process to study my own influences in the deepest way possible.

Some games, like Half-Life (one of my biggest influence of all), didn’t make it to this list. That’s interesting. That game was released when I was young, certainly, but I didn’t played until almost 5 years later. So, it doesn’t count. A bunch of games are in similar circunstances. Other games were so ubiquitous that it wasn’t big news to include them (except one or two titles, maybe).

There are no dark references here. Everything listed were, let say, mainstream and well known back then, and some examples are popular even today; don’t continue reading if you are looking for unknown, obscure, lost titles or extremely hardcore gamer choices.

These games are the reason why I think what I think about games, game design and society as a whole view from a game design perspective.

For better or worst, these games made me what I am.

They deserve this humble tribute:


Earthworm Jim 2

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

Duke Nukem 3D

Megaman X


Super Mario Bros.

Jet Force Gemini

Goldeneye 007

Resident Evil 2

Donkey Kong Country

Super Mario World



Mortal Kombat II

Mario Kart 64

Super Metroid

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time



Flight Simulator 5.1

Test Drive III: The Passion

Prince of Persia

Another World



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