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Contextual Reference in Dark Recon (IV)


I see colors in the sky.

Contextual Reference in Dark Recon (I)

Contextual Reference in Dark Recon (II)

Contextual Reference in Dark Recon (III)

One of the main problem with the mechanics proposed in Dark Recon is the color differentiation skill each person has. Of course, a particular skill, in a particular game regarding a particular person always will be the central problem. How do you balance a challenge in order to be fun enough to a very heterogeneous group of people that might (or might not) share a common skill; that’s the question you are always looking forward to answer. In the case of Dark Recon that skill is pattern searching regarding color, or color differentiation as I call it. (Color recognition might as well work as a name).

To put this into context, let me share the inspiration behind Dark Recon’s mechanics:



Source Filmmaker


To fill the blog with something.

In case you haven’t seen yet, the last update of Team Fortress 2 gave us the Source Filmmaker. See what this is all about in this video.

Also, the last episode of the characters introduction in Team Fortress 2: Meet the Pyro.