Dark Recon: First Milestone

Achievement unlocked!

It’s been a while since the first time I wrote about this project, but by now we have the first milestone in our hand, and even when it doesn’t look impressive it has everything we need to start the next step in the development cycle.

We have divided the process in two big sections: the one concerning the 3D gameplay, and the one concerning the 2D gameplay. Remember that our idea is to merge two different kind of experiences in order to achieve a well integrated puzzle-shooter game.

What represents our  first milestone was mostly developed by Christian Chomiak. He created a simple but fully functional (and surpringsily bug free) top-down third person shooter, which includes: obj/FBX loader, basic texturing, basic collisions; basic moveset (including both camera and characters), triggered actions, playable and non-playable character classes; intersticial screens, basic sounds and level layout. It looks like a lot (and actually it is), but XNA make a lot easier this process.

We only have our spare time to spend in this project, so the actual time dedicated to it was about 120 hours, spread in the last three months. Even when it doesn’t look like it, we are right on schedule.

The crucial part of this milestone was to allow to the player to interact with the floor texture: when triggered by the right mouse button, a sound is played depending where the character’s sight is located; one sound in the light brow square and a different sound in the darker ones. This is one of the atomic actions of our game, the one which defines how we’re going to design and implement the puzzle.

The 2° milestone will include implementation of actual gameplay (more related to our design) and the first round of balancing, aswell as rendering and assets tests.

The 2D gameplay section is being develop by Jorge Palacios, and by now it represents a simple but finished game by its own right, but not complete enough to talk too much about it. The 2° milestone will include both a standalone implementation and the first integration attempt.

We added a new member to the team: Adrián Sanchez, who is in charge (alongside me) of the (quite simple) render engine this game needs.

The sound desing and composing is taking care of by some good and talented partners, but I’ll share with you information about that as soon as we have something to show.

Last but not least, this is part of the art concept Dislocación is working on:

She’s sexy and she knows it!

Remember you can follow Dark Recon development via Twitter using this HT: #DarkReconGame, (most updates are in spanish for now). We will share source code soon, but if you are interested in the developing process, you can also check out our Github page (again, in spanish for now).

Any comment, critic, doubt or question are welcome. Drop it in the comment section or ask me (or any member of the team) via Twitter.

Update: here’s the screencap video of this milestone made by Christian. I will copy-paste the video description.

First milestone of a project I’m working on, as a programmer, called Dark Recon.

There’s one feature not available in the video, because it makes use of sounds and CamStudio wouldn’t let me capture them (The song, which actually plays on the demo, was added post-capture) :-/ Btw, CamStudio SUCKS!



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