Game on people

Without subtitle this time… wait

2011 was weird. To be honest, I don’t remember having such a though times since 2004 for different reasons. This was a depressing year that beat me hard in a several number of creative ways. Seriously.

But, when looked closely, I realized I finally got my math degree, found a job (even when I was unemployed almost 11 months), watched how old friends grow up in many ways, shared more with my family (but not under the best circumstances definitely), met new awesome people and (finally, again) started my game projects with all the stuff that implies.

Photo by Yole Quintero (@justyole)

I’m working  to keep things that way in 2012.

I still think this year was a hard path to follow, I will remember it as such, but as The Rolling Stones once said…

Happy New Year people.


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