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Game on people


Without subtitle this time… wait

2011 was weird. To be honest, I don’t remember having such a though times since 2004 for different reasons. This was a depressing year that beat me hard in a several number of creative ways. Seriously.

But, when looked closely, I realized I finally got my math degree, found a job (even when I was unemployed almost 11 months), watched how old friends grow up in many ways, shared more with my family (but not under the best circumstances definitely), met new awesome people and (finally, again) started my game projects with all the stuff that implies.

Photo by Yole Quintero (@justyole)

I’m working  to keep things that way in 2012.

I still think this year was a hard path to follow, I will remember it as such, but as The Rolling Stones once said…

Happy New Year people.


Project Dark Recon: First Post


There is a post on deck I know  I have to finish it. I’m about to do it.

Because we are game developers, not graphic designers

I finally announce the development of a game project a few friends of mine and I are working on. Project Dark Recon is a humble demo which we want to use to introduce ourselves as game developers.

The main design purpose is to create an isometric puzzle-shooter to show our development skills and attention to detail.

To be honest, the lack of resources we suffer as an indie team won’t allow us to actually create a complete game, the goal is to create a demo in which the gameplay proposed and the execution of it can be evaluated by every each of you and anyone interested.

So far you have seen updates of this game before (here and here), so let summarize a little bit about it.

Our friend Dislocacion (María Alejandra Niño) is giving us a hand with the concept art. She is a very talented artist and I love her work pretty much (I also speak in the name of the whole team). You can see more of it in her Flickr account, and follow her both in Twitter  and Tumblr. (Most of her updates are in spanish I have to say).

The concept art is now focused in defining our main character. Once we have done it, we can pivot the design of the rest of the elements based on that.

We will talk about this later on

In the programming department my friends Jorge Palacios (@pctroll) and Christian Chomiak (@cchomiak23) are doing the deeds using XNA. As mentioned, what we want to do is to integrate 2 different experiences of gameplay: a simple puzzle and a pure shooter. The first gameplay problem that have been taken care of is the puzzle; we decided to define all the elements in a 2D game completely separated of the main game (at first), and that’s exactly what Jorge is coding.

The above image describes the state of the gameplay right now.  We are developing a (literal) pattern search and recognition game: the big grid is a field presented to the player in where he (or she) have to find the color pattern shown in the little grid. By clicking on the squares on the big grid the player (depending if the job was done right) will advance throughout the game.


Anuncios del Caracas Game Jam 2012


Because this one is the only entry I was able to finish these days

La organización del Caracas Game Jam 2012 sigue en marcha y comparto un par de cosas con Uds:

La sede del Caracas Game Jam 2012 será la Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB).

Como ha sido costumbre, la Universidad Simón Bolívar sería la sede principal, pero el evento cambiará de aires en la venidera edición debido a diversas razones de índole organizacional (léase: tenía que estar pendiente de un montón de cosas al respecto y el trimestre no me dejó).

Nuestra intención inicial era expandir el Game Jam y tener al menos otra sede, pero lamentablemente un  montón de circunstancias (algunas fuera de nuestro control) impidieron que nuestro objetivo se cumpliera.


Work in Progress (these things need actual names)


Yeah, I’m really excited

I know, I know, I know,  I own you the second part of the last entry, but my master studies and work are holding me down with that. I will publish it soon.

Meanwhile, this is the second concept art iteration of the project I talked about first in this post. Marci is doing a wonderful job with her concept art contributions. You can check more of her work here.

A few words on the project: leveling up my skills in XNA to have a gameplay sketch of this game as soon as possible. (My laptop is being fixed right now,  add it to things that are delaying me too).

So, any comment about the concept is welcome.