Homosexual rights and what they have to do with game design

Even when I do make a point, this is totally a rant, so avoid to read it if you are sensitive to strong opinions and heavy swearing.

There is no reason to get into details, so here it is:

I was on the sub and I heard this conversation:

Woman 1: Yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda

Woman 2: Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.

Woman 1: Yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda

Woman 2: how can a homosexual be better than anyone in certain field, they are homosexuals you know.

I’m not homosexual, I like women a lot, sometimes I ask myself why some men are homosexual when we have a lot of beautifiul women around us. I just don’t understand it, but I do understand that if they like other men it is not my bussines, I have nothing to do with that. I totally get that.  Maybe Venezuela, the place where I live in right now, have some sort of chauvinism problem attached to its society, but this is not a local issue, is a global major problem even in a lot of societies and nations that self-proclaim to be progressist and democratic

Let’s get the obvious stuff get out of the way: what people is sucking is nobody’s business. Case closed.

Which gets me to the other half of the conversation.

Woman 1: Yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda

Woman2: if they can’t perform well in a job, why are they claiming a right for marriage and adoption?.

Because what you are saying is wrong.

Why do I have to bother of what a person is sucking while is properly rising a child? if  “what shit are the parents sucking right now?” pops out of my mind when talking about rising a child then I would be the sick person in this whole situation, what a fucked-up question is that in the first place?, it is a sick question no matter what kind of couple we are talking about.

Do you know when that question doesn’t make me a sick person, if I wonder whether they suck something innapropiate in front of a child, that would be a not-so-fucked-up question. But you kow, that question applies not only to homosexual couples, it applies to whole humankind; if a straight couple is sucking each other’s genitalia in front of a child it isn’t less sick just because they are straight. It’s sick because, what a surprise!, they are sucking each other’s genitalia in front of a child. What the fuck matters if there are only penises involved?, it’s sicker just for that?. If a parent is sucking a lollypop in front of a child that’s perfectly normal, but if he is sucking a dick in front of a child is as sick as sucking a vagina in front of a child. So, if it is sick whether you suck a vagina or a dick front of a child, why do we bother making the difference by who is performing the sucking?

On the other hand, we as humans enjoy sex, we enjoy fuck other people, it is a evolutionary condition if you want to call it that way. That’s is how you get here, your parents somehow liked to fuck. But sex is not only about perpetuating the species, it’s about pleasure and people sharing it. I enjoy vaginas, I really do, vaginas are cool, so why do I have to stop a woman to feel the same pleasure I feel when I fuck a vagina? that would be selfish of me, what kind of human am I?. Sorry because I will be douchebag here, but women enjoy to fuck dicks, they really enjoy that shit, so why do a woman has to deny that same pleasure to a guy who wants to fuck a dick? why? I don’t understand it, if you like a movie you recommend it, you talk about it and encourage people to watch and celebrate it, or if they don’t like you kick their ass over the bad taste they have. Then, why do some people behave otherwise regarding homosexual sex?, are you a sex hipster or something? “I like to fuck a dick but don’t you do that because you will ruin the experiencce”, are we talking about a non-mainstream band here that you don’t want people to know? if I like fucking vaginas I would be glad to invite any woman in the world to feel the same pleasure I feel doing that, and if a woman likes to fuck a dick I think it is natural to invite people to fuck a dick. And well, you don’t have to actually invite people, but you have no reason to stop them. The anti-natural behavior here isn’t to fuck a dick or a vagina, that’s perfectly normal, the anti-natural behavior is not to invite people to fuck what we like to fuck, because we do invite people to enjoy the activities we get pleasure from, like watching a particular movie, playing a particular videogame or whatever example you want to bring to the table.

I’m getting really mad at this point, and I don’t want to be that judgemental, but if you have something against a particular group of people just based in a fucked-up reason it will be impossible to you to be the best game designer you could possibly be. As simple as that.

I won’t discuss here what a fucked-up reason is, you perfectly understand what I’m saying.

If you hate or have something against homosexuals for doing homosexual’s stuff then you won’t be the best game designer you could. If you hate or have something against black people for doing black people’s stuff then you won’t be the best game designer you could. If you hate or have something against Latin American people for doing Latin American people’s stuff then you won’t be the best game designer you could If you hate or have something against religious people for doing religious people’s stuff then you won’t be the best game designer you could. The only thing to have something against a group of people is if they are actually ruining other people life, that’s when you come like a hero and do something about it.

And you know why you won’t be the best game designer you could if you have something against a group of people due to some fucked-up reason?, it is simple, it is pretty basic, it is so basic in fact that you would be ashamed not to realized it at the end of this sentence, but I’m totally giving you another sentence to do it, and another, but no more: you aren’t balancing the society’s rule we are living by.

Someone is in a disadvantaged position respect to the others, how could you possibly think that is actually right?, how could you possibly come to balance a game if you aren’t understanding well the rules you had lived by your entire life?. That’s just crazy, that doesn’t make any sense no matter how stupid is the guy you are trying to convince.

Society is established under a set of rules, and we as citizens, as humans beings live under the different dynamics those rules dictate. That’s pretty much the definition of a game, and you know, that is not a new brand new concept, that is a whole math field that has a lot of years being researched. So, why you bother in making rules for videogames if you don’t have a basic understanding of the rules you are supossed to live by.

“Well because you know, I do not agree with those new rules you are trying to impose”, no, that isn’t why, the right answer is “because I don’t want to acknowledge that the old rules are wrong, or at very least incomplete”. And if I sound repetitive that’s totally the idea: how do you wan’t to improve the rules of you game if you don’t want to fix them if they are wrong in real life?.

It isn’t even common sense, common sense is a consequence of  our conscious mind, it is a matter of basic logic to understand those last arguments.

If you are against homosexuals rights and get to the last paragraph of this post, you might be reconsidering your position, which is a good thing.

Being coherent in life is a good firt step towards being coherent in game design.

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