Interview and blog updates

I know, it's in spanish.

A few weeks ago @villdaniel interviewed me, @chiguire and @jrmarcano  in order to include our opinions in a tech special report for La Verdad newspaper (Maracaibo, Venezuela). The article above is the result of that interview, focused mostly in move detection in consoles. Yes, it is in spanish. Click on the image to watch it bigger.

So, if this article is in spanish, why I’m writing this in english?.

Because I’m a snob… but besides that, the blog has been updated with links and a new page.

The most important link so far is Game Design Concepts, a basic course on general game design by Ian Schrieber. This course is the best start for any game designer beginner (or not so beginner). I highly recommend to follow those lessons. The rest of the links include game designer’s blogs and some random ones I follow. So far, it’s obvious which blogs are in english and which ones are in spanish.

The new Games page above shows my (for now) short list of games I participated in, mostly as a game designer. Hoping to update you with the WIP sooner than later.

I always write (everything, not just the blog) listening to music. It is very important for me to do it that way. I would like to share little by little the music I enjoy. Check What the f*** is this and who the f*** am I page for more.

Update: a kind soul let me in the comments the link to a second Schreiber’s blog I didn’t know nothing about, Game Balance Concepts. Already added to the link list. Check it out!. Thanks Alejandro.


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2 Responses to “Interview and blog updates”

  1. Alejandro Hitti Says:

    This is also an amazing blog by Ian that I read a while ago. Maybe you can use it in another blog post? 😛

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