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Hello Mars!


Because Earth is so overrated.

I was trying to open this blog since a long time ago.

I didn’t because I’m lazy. Very lazy. That’s right. So let me put things clear short and easy.

I’m a mathematician starting to do research in real time rendering and fluids techniques as well as game design. I want to share my research in a way I can get quick feedback and other people can use it.

What you will find in this blog?. I’m working, besides my research, in the design of three games: a fluid based puzzle, a simple puzzle and a FPS in UDK. I want to share the game design and development process of those games: ideas, art, techniques, comments and mistakes. But not only that, but a series of articles about game design from a mathematic point of view, trying to do my part in the creation of a body of knowledge wich is just starting to grow.

You should read  the What the f*** is this and who the f*** am I page.

Of course, I will use another theme for the blog later, add new pages and those sort of things (I think I will introduce elements to the blog in the exact moment when I need them).

This Is a very ambitious goal for me. I know. For now, it’s just a start.

So, feel welcome. I ensure you the next posts won’t be as lame as this one.